• Early morning as the sun rises between the skyscrapers and low-rise buildings
  • A night time ferry cruise along the Huangpu River – viewing the architecture along the Bund on the one side of the river and the endless display of lights in Lujiazui, on the Pudong side

The Bund at night

  • Introducing friends and family to aspects of our life in Shanghai and being reminded that what is now familiar to us was once strange and foreign. It makes me realise that we are more at home here than we give ourselves credit for.
  • Walking along the streets of Shanghai and watching the unceasing tide of people from every walk of life flow through the city streets
  • Waking up to the roar of the engines of the Yangtze River cruise ship as we began our journey through the Three Gorges
  • Enjoying the most amazing sushi (fusion-style) at Haiku By Hatsune in Taojiang Lu, Shanghai
  • The trees and old buildings along the streets of the French Concession
  • Fruit stalls, markets, narrow lanes

Fruit Stall
Huangpi Lu - Lane Houses
Taikang Lu

  • Watching (and being in the centre of) the fireworks at Chinese New Year from the balcony of our apartment
  • Being able to understand and be understood (while conversing in Mandarin): in a taxi, while bargaining in a local market…actually… anywhere!
  • Eating Yannan Cuisine at Lost Heavens in Gaoyou Lu
  • Visiting the Ancient Water towns of Tongli and Xitang – the combination of bridges, buildings, water and boats is enchanting


Qibao Ancient Town

  • Yuyuan – the Yu Gardens – a quiet retreat from the frenzy of the city

Yu Garden

  • Autumn and Spring days: with a clear crisp freshness in the air and blue skies overhead – not too hot, not too cold (不太热,不太冷 – bú tài rè, bú tài lěng
  • Standing near a supermarket entrance waiting to catch a taxi and listening to “Hark the herald angels sing…” and “Silent Night” being broadcast over the supermarket loudspeakers
  • To be continued…..

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