A man, a fish and a motorbike…

… and a mini-van.

In the middle of a busy intersection during after-work rush-hour. The driver’s door of the mini-van is open.The motorbike is parked a few metres away from the the man, the fish and the mini-van.

We are in a taxi stopped at a green traffic light, our way blocked by the scene that is unfolding in front of us.

The fish is lying on the road. Flapping… and flopping on the road.

The man tries to pick the fish up. The fish jumps out of his hand. He gets hold of it but struggles to keep his grip. Eventually he manages to get hold of enough of it with both his hands. He hits its head against the road a few times. The fish is no longer flapping or flopping.

The conversation between the man and the driver carries on for a few minutes, and then the door closes and the van drives off. The light is now red, but we can’t proceed because the motorbike is still parked in the middle of the intersection.

The man and the stunned fish get onto the motorbike. The man hunts around the many packets and boxes arrayed around his motorbike. He picks a plastic bag and pops the fish into the bag. He hangs the bag back over the handle bars, peers into the bag once more to checks that the fish is still docile, releases the motorbike stand, and rides off.

The light changes and we continue on our journey home.


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