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Visiting the eye-doctor

I was very brave yesterday…..I went to see an ophthalmologist here in Shanghai. My eyes have been a bit scratchy and uncomfortable lately and I felt that, seeing that I have missed out on the recommended annual check-up for the last 3 years, it would be best to do something about it. With my myopic history, and lens implants a few years ago, there are all sorts of dire threats and warnings about gory and cataclysmic events like retinas potentially detaching themselves or renting themselves into separate shreds, so perhaps a more regular check-up would be wise.

Optometrists and ophthalmologists rank on a similar scale to dentists (and doctors and physios and…) in my books – I try to put off the visit as long as possible and until absolutely necessary. So for me to make the decision to find an eye doctor here in Shanghai was quite an event.

I googled and found a generally favourable-reviewed International Eye Clinic (with corresponding international consultation fees), but as the one fellow-sufferer commented: you only have one pair of eyes, so better to be safe than sorry. This was NOT the time to find the chop/swop shop on the corner with the best deals, or to bargain about the fee structure.

So I went along to New Vision Eye Clinic at Ruijin Hospital and I was suitably impressed. The staff were very friendly and professional and I felt comfortable that I was in good hands. All spoke excellent English (Yay! – no need for Foreign Language Department Meltdown Syndrome!)

The only traumatic experience occurred when the doctor tried to turn my eyelids inside out – I had already warned him that I was known to have lashed out at other eye doctors for trying that stunt, but it seems that he didn’t take me seriously. Anyway, now he knows better than to try that again. I’m sure he even wrote it down in my file – “Don’t touch this woman’s eyelids – irrational oversensitivity and propensity for violent outbursts – she intends to perform grievous bodily harm….”

I got a generally clean bill of health for my eyes, which was great news – except for the depressing report that my eyesight isn’t going to get any better as I grow older.

So, all in all, a non-event!

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