Made in China

While back in South Africa, I always try to restock my shoe cupboard with at least one pair of the previous season’s shoes before the incoming Chinese season. So far I have found it really difficult to find a good selection of shoes that will fit my non-standard (by Chinese standards) feet. Marks and Spencer’s does have a few options, but I must admit, I haven’t really looked further afield – I’m not really that into shoe shopping and as long as I have one pair of sandals for summer and one pair of boots for winter, I tend to wear them on a daily basis until I walk them into the ground.

What is incredible to me is that just about all of the shoes that I looked at in SA have been “made in China” – but I have to go back to SA to find them.

I was also looking for a gift for a Chinese friend – and lo and behold – most of the jewelry, and even the “African” bead work is now made in China too. I refuse to trek all the way back to SA only to purchase something that was made here in China! Luckily there are a few crafters’ markets which have the “Made in SA” label, but one wonders how long that will last. I eventually found some “ethnic” candles, a handmade notebook, beaded earrings and some rooibos-tea fragrance body wash!

2 Responses to “Made in China”

  1. March 21, 2011 at 13:09

    Which specific pain – the inability to find a pair of shoes that fits, or the fact that everything is made in China, or both? 🙂

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