To blog or not to blog…

Just in case you are wondering why Shanghai is so silent….

I am suffering from accumulated jet-lag; multiple instances of reverse culture shock and re-entry culture shock; general tiredness and irregular sleep patterns  resulting from the aforementioned jet-lag; some intense frustrations after a fairly uneventful but fruitless business trip back to South Africa; as well as ongoing despondency about communication challenges with Chinese- and English-speaking staff, clients, and bank officials (and airports and airline bureaucracy across multiple continents!)

As my mom used to say: “if you have nothing good to say….say nothing!”


On a positive note – spring seems to be trying to creep into the city (but winter lingers on in an obstinate show of rebellion). The days are getting longer, the sun seems to be a little warmer and there are signs of colour and life in the emerging leaves and blossoms. The wearing of of winter overcoats now becomes a daily decision instead of a mandatory requirement and gloves and scarves can be packed away for a few months.

We re-activated our morning run today and although the long hibernation as resulted in a general degree of unfitness and lethargy, the run itself was a reasonably positive experience (albeit short in duration!)

Here’s hoping for a speedy return of spring and a rapid departure of the remaining vestiges of a long and cold winter!

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