Supermarket slider puzzle

Yesterday we wandered off to our local supermarket for our bi-weekly “in-between” shopping trip – this is the one where we only buy what we can carry in our backpacks or by hand. [On alternate weeks we do the “big shop” which involves finding a taxi to carry our bags home.]

In the fruit and veggie section, which was even more chaotic than usual, I felt like I was trapped inside a giant, “human + trolley + baskets” slider puzzle: you know the one where you have a puzzle made of a whole lot of little square pieces, and then you take one piece out and you shuffle the others left, up, right, down and all around, and then you have to try to put the picture back together again?

Well, there I was sandwiched between multiple trolleys going in different directions, some with drivers, some without; having my toes driven over and my knees rammed by the wheelie baskets and my waist being broad-sided by baskets carried by hand, trying to move from the fruit counter via the weighing section – where you have to go to get the plastic bags to put your produce in (maybe the other plastic bag points just ran out of supplies, or maybe someone is  worried about the bags being taken unnecessarily) – to the veggie section, and then back to the weighing station bravely manned by a lone weigher-person (who deserves a medal) amidst a horde of shoppers demanding for their fruit and veg to be weighed. In vain I looked for Husband to assist, and eventually spied him hiding out with the trolley on the outskirts, taking refuge behind the container with oranges.

I dragged him from his hiding place and dumped the bags of fruit with him, assigning him the task of entering into scrum at the weighing station, awarding him with the opportunity of taking on the “baskets + trolleys + people vs  harassed foreigner”,  while I waded upstream through the trolley stream flow slider puzzle to find pre-packed veggies that didn’t need weighing, so that we could avoid qualifying for the next round of aforementioned game!


5 Responses to “Supermarket slider puzzle”

  1. 1 RoseTintedViews
    February 14, 2011 at 17:32

    Oh! I can just see you going now if I move one space up and two spaces down – I will get to the apples…LOL! Brilliant!!!

    • February 15, 2011 at 16:17

      Something like that…but more a case of two spaces left; shove a trolley out the way; then one step backwards – oh, so sorry, did I knock you over? – one step right; oh dear, I’m at the oranges instead of the apples, but I might as well get them instead…..etc

  2. March 12, 2011 at 16:50

    This post really made me laugh – you have described the mad log-jam in the supermarket’s veggie sections SO accurately- obviously no difference between BJ and Shanghai there! I’m trying to develope sharper elbows as I’m always being shoved out of the way by old dears who pitch up at the weighing station and barge forward – haven’t they heard of queueing? Also its always a lone pimply youth manning a single set of scales whilst three others sit idle…grumph!

    • March 14, 2011 at 11:59

      Queue? What’s that? Some of these old dears would make great forwards in a rugby scrum. However, my husband has taken it upon himself to single-handedly re-educate the “push-and-shove” pensioners into the finer courtesies of harmonious shopper experiences! Not sure they appreciate this remarkable learning opportunity…. I’ve seen some classic examples of veggie-rage at these checkout counters, where the hapless “youth” gets it in the neck from one or more seriously irate shoppers – it’s vehement enough to hasten the expiry date on some of the fresh produce!

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