It’s snowing…

It doesn’t often snow in Shanghai, but yesterday it snowed…a lot.

View from office

The initial surprise and fascination of watching the falling snow from our office window turned to mutterings and unrepeatable thoughts as we had to make our way home. Darkness descended earlier than usual and every taxi that that could be seen was already ferrying its quota of occupants. So we started to walk – anything to keep warm. Our first day of extracting our winter overcoats from hibernation turned into a day where we should have pulled out every scarf, glove and warm-weather item of clothing that we own. It was freezing and our umbrellas struggled to protect us from the continuing falling flakes as the wind just whipped them  underneath and around the umbrellas.

We shivered our way for 3 blocks and then pounced on a taxi driver that was on the opposite side of the road and had decided to do a U-turn to escape the traffic – I wish I knew the word for “hero” in Mandarin – I don’t think he knew just how grateful we were for being rescued from those icy blasts

Coming from Africa, I still find a certain novelty about snow – but I think it is only magical when you can watch it from the comfort of a warm home; or when children can play in it; or when you can choose whether or not to be involved with it!

Today the sun has re-appeared (without bringing any warmth) and the snow is sprinkled across the gardens and rooftops. Some very determined flowers have shrugged off the cold and bravely add some colour to the scene.

Snowy Gardens


3 Responses to “It’s snowing…”

  1. 1 RoseTintedViews
    December 16, 2010 at 20:08

    So one has to ask – how do the Chinese cope with snow – cause in London – I have to say that snow – and ice – the transport system stops working and we have days off of work as a result of a foot of snow. It makes my colleagues who come from snowy parts laugh at the UK’s inability to deal with snow…But I do have to agree with you when the snow is falling outside and you are watching it fall it is beautiful…the brown/black slush and ice afterwards is dreadful!

  2. January 3, 2011 at 19:41

    It’s difficult to say…Shanghai doesn’t get much snow, so it doesn’t really represent the snow-handling capabilities of the rest of China. Places like Harbin in the north are far more exposed to snow throughout the winter and I am sure that they have the appropriate coping mechanisms in place.

  3. 3 june
    January 5, 2011 at 01:12

    I have recently exoerienced the feeling of absolute wonder in a white winter coated land in vancouver. it was magical for the first day and then…….JUST BLADDY COLD!!!!!

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